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Potbellylistens – When you visit a restaurant, the staff is delighted to hear about any issues you’re experiencing, but they also want to get to the root of the problem as fast as possible. Customers are required to complete our Potbelly Opinion Survey and share their real and objective opinions.


Potbellylistens – Free Cookie – Potbelly Survey

The finest export of management will quickly give your feedback, and you’ll see the required changes in no time. When you leave comments on Potbelly’s site, you may be rewarded with potbelly coupons as a way to say thanks.

Name Potbelly
Is purchase Necessary? No
Survey prize Potbelly Coupons
Offer Valid At In-Restaurant Only
Age Limit 18
Language English & Spanish

Be sure to read the rules and restrictions, as well as the steps and rewards, before beginning the Potbelly Guest Satisfaction Survey.


How To Potbelly Survey

  • The official website for the Potbelly Listens Survey is www.Potbellylistens.com.
  • English or Spanish might be your second language.
  • The 20-digit survey number may be found on your receipt.
  • The first step is to answer the questions on your screen in surveys.
  • If you’ve just visited Potbelly, you must rate your overall satisfaction.
  • Various aspects of the business are scored on a one to ten scales, including anything from customer service to staff sanitation.
  • To the best of your ability, answer all of the questions on the Potbelly Survey honestly.
  • Finally, let us know what you think by completing the Potbelly Sandwich Survey.
  • A Potbelly Survey Coupon will be given to you at some point in the future.


Benefits And Rewards

Potbelly rewards its clients for participating in the Guest Opinion Survey by presenting them with a prize. When you use this offer at Potbelly, you’ll receive a free cookie on your next visit.

For every survey you complete, you’ll be put into a drawing for one of many Potbelly Coupons, which you can use to get fantastic bargains like a free Sandwich or a Bogo Deal at the restaurant when you return.

To redeem your Potbelly Coupon Code for the approved receipt offer, complete the Potbelly Feedback Survey. You’ll then get your Potbelly Coupon Code. The Potbelly Feedback Survey concludes with a Free Potbelly Coupon Code that may be used for the offer detailed on the receipt. When you next visit a Potbelly, bring your coupon along with you.


  • Legal residents of the United States are required to participate.
  • There will be one survey for every transaction.
  • Only one coupon may be used per purchase by each client.
  • There is no financial value to coupons.
  • Potbelly doesn’t have a place for a person like you.


About Potbelly Survey

Customers of a well-known sandwich store entrusted SMG Group to collect feedback. In addition to Walmart and Pep Boys, SMG is known for conducting popular surveys.

The purpose of the PotbellyListens survey is to gather the thoughts and opinions of every single client. Customer feedback on the recent Potbelly experience is greatly appreciated by the company, which welcomes any input. You may share your thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms in the Potbelly Listens to survey. Potbelly – The Sandwich Shop’s survey program is open to all customers.



The cookies at PotBelly are delicious, but have you been in recently to try them or anything else? Please fill out the Potbelly Listens Survey on their website to tell them how your visit went.

There are constantly new ways Potbelly can connect. Whether you’re a fan or a hater of the menu items on the PotBelly website, we want to know what you think. Several aspects of Potbelly’s business will be improved due to the survey’s findings.

Potbellylistens Survey participants get the Potbelly Coupon validation code, which they may use to receive one free cookie on their next purchase of an entree salad or sandwich. It doesn’t matter whether you’re positive or negative; your feedback will be utilized to improve Potbelly’s customer service.

Potbellylistens FAQs

  • To receive a Potbelly Survey, what steps must I take?

Answer – Take a look at the survey’s webpage. Fill out the necessary information in the form of a receipt. You’ll be asked a series of probing questions to test your knowledge. To be eligible for the giveaway, you must provide your contact information after completing the survey.

  • Anyone may win a Potbelly Coupon, is that correct?

Answer –  Bring your original Potbelly receipt to the store so that it may be checked for authenticity.

  • Are there advantages to participating in the Potbelly Survey?

Answer – It just takes a few minutes of your time to complete the Potbelly Survey in return for a free Potbelly Coupon.

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